My Philosophy

My philosophy is to improve the quality of my patients lives by empowering them through Acupuncture, Nutrition and health education. Ultimately I see working with you as a health partnership; I have your best interest at heart and will not treat for treating sake. The training I received is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy which enables me to treat you constitutionally as well as physically and emotionally. My approach is holistic and within the treatment I include elements of Nutritional and lifestyle coaching.

Photo of Acupuncture

Acupuncture can involve elements of lifestyle change. It is important you choose an Acupuncturist who you feel you can connect with and who you can trust. This is my approach to Acupuncture, and it is why I recommend you speak to a few Acupuncturists before you make your decision. Please see the British Acupuncture Council website for listings of Acupuncturists in your area.