"I hurt my back playing touch Rugby 3 years ago and spent 3 months in total agony. I first went to see my GP, who told me to take pain killers and wait a couple of days. The pain just got worse every time the pain killers wore off. I was then referred to a sports therapist, who put me on a 6 week program. After 3 weeks the pain was still immense, so I was referred to an Osteopath, where I was told I had injured my lower vertebra. Other than having surgery I was told I needed to lose weight and build up my core muscles. In the mean time I had to find a way to ease the pain. This is when I found Olivia, who offered Acupuncture to ease the pain and guidance for a lifestyle change that would enable me to lose weight. I was pleasantly surprised at how much time Olivia took to find out every detail of the pain I was experiencing and all other aspects of my life that contributed to this. The pain immediately got better after my first session. Several sessions later and I was on the road to recovery. I found her whole approach extremely relaxing. She drew up a plan and gave me nutritional advice to help aid my weight loss. A year on and I have lost over 50lbs and am feeling great! I highly recommend Olivia for both Nutritional Coaching and Acupuncture! "

RS - London

"I can’t recommend Olivia highly enough to anyone looking for an Acupuncturist or to try it for the first time; it is London’s loss and Harrogate’s gain that she has moved away from us.  My previous treatments have helped with my asthma, hay fever, stress relief and my shoulder injury to name a few!  I hadn’t tried acupuncture before and was a bit nervous at first but found Olivia to be extremely approachable, understanding and patient with me throughout the treatments.  The results are always wonderful and I appreciate her additional knowledge/advice regarding my nutrition, emotional well-being and fitness which provides me with a holistic solution to improve my lifestyle for the better. "

CK - London

"I found that all the treatments that Olivia gave me to be very professional and personal in the same respect. I always felt comfortable and that my best interests where at heart when she was working through issues that I was having. The only thing that I am sorry about is that Olivia now lives too far away from me for me to continue both the acupuncture treatments and the nutritional update programmes that I received from her. I wish Olivia all the best, and feel somewhat jealous of all her future patients who will receive great and life enhancing treatments. "

CS - London